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(Jan. 2014) Frontiers is helping measure research impact in a whole new way. We’ve just added Altmetric scores and badges to papers online (including e-View pre-prints). Altmetric measures the real-time impact of scholarly articles by tracking tweets, blog posts, news stories and other content that mentions scholarly articles.

An Altmetric donut like the one seen here for Graham et al. 2013 (Managing resilience to reverse phase shifts in coral reefs) now appears alongside online papers, visible in the margin of the “Full text” and “Abstract” displays. (If an article’s donut is missing, it simply hasn’t generated that kind of attention yet.)

Upcoming Issue: May 2014

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In mountainous wetlands of the western US, the Cascades frog (Rana cascadae) is one of several amphibian species experiencing stress from the combined effects of climate change and introduced predators. Ephemeral or shallow ponds in these areas are a haven for native amphibians because they are free from predatory fish; however, climate change makes these pond habitats increasingly vulnerable to drying.

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ME Ryan

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N Steinweg