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Letters – Write Back

A lively correspondence section is an important part of any journal, and Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment very much welcomes contributions from its readers.

Content: Frontiers will publish short letters, as either original communications or responses to articles or letters that previously appeared in the journal (or elsewhere). Original communications may or may not contain primary research. Responses should provide additional or alternative interpretations of the original paper. Both original communications and responses should briefly discuss relevant larger-scale importance or (policy- or management-related) implications. And as with other sections of the journal, it is crucial that the language contained within letters be as clear and accessible as possible. To that end, authors must avoid (or otherwise briefly define) specialized terminology for the benefit of the non-specialist reader.

Format: The maximum length for letters is 800 words, with no more than 15 references; one small figure and/or table may be included. The maximum number of authors is 10. Exceptions to these requirements will be made only under special circumstances. Given space restrictions, a short title and condensed author affiliations are highly preferred.

Submission: As of January 2016, please submit all letters under the “Letters – Write Back” category within Frontiers’ online manuscript submission system ScholarOne ( Refer to the instructions on the ScholarOne site for file format guidelines and figure specifications. During electronic submission, please supply either an Abstract or an Excerpt in the “Abstract” field within ScholarOne; although not appearing in the letter itself (assuming its eventual acceptance), this feature is important for peer review to give prospective editors and reviewers a better idea of what your letter is about.

Post acceptance: Authors of accepted letters will be able to check the final version of their work at proof stage. Also, for response letters, the journal may invite a reply from the author of the original work. Important note: Editors reserve the right to modify letters to conform to journal style and available space. If an accepted letter exceeds word and/or reference limits, or if space restrictions otherwise prohibit inclusion of figure(s) and/or table(s), the Editors also reserve the right to convert figures or tables to supplementary (web-only) materials, to help the letter fit within the available space.